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Many families now pre-arrange funeral services for many reasons:

Pre-planning your own funeral services takes away the burden from your family at an emotional time.

Pre-paying for the funeral service further reduces the burden on your family. 

Pre-planning and pre-paying enables a person in a nursing facility to shelter funds before they are depleted by the nursing facility, enable qualification for Public Aid to occur sooner and insuring the funds will be there at the time of death to pay for the funeral.

Once pre-paid, all of our charges are guaranteed not to go up beyond what the policy that we set up earns.  We don't guarantee charges that are not ours, but we will advise you if your cemetery will accept prepayment and guarantee the charges, or if not we can put funds away for the cemetery and other cash advances and we will credit your family a proportional amount of any interest the account earns.

Payments can be made either in one single payment, or over 3,5,7 or even 10 years      with insurance factored in so that if death occurs after a certain amount of payments are made, a portion, or all of the funeral is paid even if all the payments haven't been made.

We put all funds away into insurance policies with Homesteaders Life.   The funds remain in the persons name for who they are intended until the time of death.   You can find more information about Homesteaders Life by clicking this--> Homesteaders Life