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Transfer Your Pre-Arrangments Made Elsewhere To Us

If you have already made pre-arrangements with another funeral firm, you are free to transfer this to any other firm, including Mitzvah Memorial Funerals.

In most cases, we can save your family $2000-$5000!

We recommend letting us review your arrangements with you.  This includes contacting the insurance company, or trust you have the arrangements with to determine the death benefit and current cash surrender value.  We will also review the contract you have with the other funeral provider to determine what are fee would be for the same or similar services and merchandise.

In most cases it is better to assign the policy to us at the time or need, or prior, but leave the policy in place as the cash surrender value usually is far less than the death benefit.  This is not always the case as demonstrated in the following testimonial ad where the owner of the policy chose to cash in the one policy and take out 2 new policies including one for his spouse--->Testimonial Ad #2

In another case a person who was making payments through another firm that uses Homesteaders Life transferred the case to us and reduced her payments significantly--->Testimonial Ad #3

We encourage you to contact us with questions you may have regarding this and to allow us to review your current arrangements to see how much we can save you and your family.